Day: March 8, 2019

The conservative movement was destined to produce Trump

Was the conservative movement destined to produce someone like Donald Trump? Corey Robin, a political theorist at Brooklyn College, says yes, and the latest edition of his book The Reactionary Mind is an attempt to prove it. Robin argues that conservatism, from its very beginning, has been a sustained effort to mobilize elites and the […]

Report: US government kept secret dossiers to monitor journalists covering migrant caravans

In February, NPR and the Intercept both published in-depth reports detailing harassment experienced by journalists, lawyers, and immigration activists who regularly interact with migrants along the US-Mexico border — harassment that seemed intended to deter their work. Leaked documents published on Wednesday by NBC 7 in San Diego indicate the problems they encountered were not […]

House Democrats update their anti-Semitism resolution to include a condemnation of Islamophobia

The House of Representatives will vote this afternoon on a broad resolution to condemn hateful speech and expression, including both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. The vote comes after first-term member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) sparked controversy with her comments on Israel. The initial resolution, which some senior Democrats began drafting in the wake of her latest […]

Why the DNC isn’t letting Fox News host a 2020 debate

The Democratic National Committee will hold 12 debates during the 2020 presidential primary. None will be hosted by Fox News due to concerns over the network’s tight relationship with President Donald Trump. DNC Chair Tom Perez announced on Wednesday that Democrats won’t partner with Fox News for any debate during the primary. He cited concerns […]